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BGE, Inc.

Green Payable

by BGE, Inc.

For many companies, account payment is tedious process. The tasks of printing checks and envelope stuffing for sending payments are both time-consuming and boring, you probably can think of better ways for you and your staff to spend time. Green Payable allows you to just click from within your Microsoft Dynamics GP to complete the payment process and save you time and money.

No check printing, no folding, no stuffing envelopes, no stamping, no waiting for check runs, no check stock waste from misprints, and no expensive ink-cartridge!

With Green Payable, you can set up multiple levels of authorization with dual signature control for different amounts of payment through your accounting system. Authorizers have all the information regarding the remittance and have complete payment history to any vendors. He or she can give the approval anywhere, anytime by accessing the Green Payable software.

Besides the multiple levels of approval process, Green Payable tracks when each payment is authorized and by whom. It provides your bank with a detailed list of check information and additional remittance information. It immediately sends the payees about the payment via email. In addition, key payment information is encrypted in database so that the remittance approval can never be compromised.

Your vendors benefit from you using Green Payable as well. Your vendors will receive email when the electronic check is cut, they would know when the payment will be available without relying on the timeliness of postal delivery. The payment will be available to your vendor earlier and thus improve their cash flow. In addition, payees do not have to hassle with depositing checks, when payments are sent electronically.

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