harmon.ie for SharePoint

by harmon.ie

harmon.ie for SharePoint is an Outlook sidebar that drives document and social adoption of SharePoint without changing user behavior, by providing every business user easy, full-featured access to SharePoint from the convenience of the email client.

As a client-side application, harmon.ie for SharePoint integrates with Microsoft SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, and SharePoint Online as well as the entire Office 2010 and Office 365 product suites.

With harmon.ie for SharePoint, every business user is able to:

- Eliminate document chaos - 'Drag and Drop' access to SharePoint enables users to publish documents and e-mail messages directly from their e-mail client
- Prevent data leakage – Email recipients access only documents for which they are authorized in SharePoint, because users send links to SharePoint documents, not attachments.
- Boost productivity significantly- Users perform typical SharePoint tasks 6 times faster since all project-related resources, including SharePoint, Lync or OCS, and e-mail are all available within a single window.
- Increase visibility and project transparency – Users follow their favorite SharePoint libraries and automatically receive updates of project-related SharePoint activities.
- Drive adoption of SharePoint social networks – Users build their enterprise social network by adding colleagues from a list of 'suggested colleagues' which is built from existing communication patterns. Users easily organize their network into project teams.

With harmon.ie, all collaboration takes place within the email client window; one window, within a single context.

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One of the Best SharePoint and Outlook Apps on the market

Reviewed by:Chris_Ratliff Reviewed on:11/21/2011

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