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Hosted Microsoft Communication Services (Exchange & Outlook)

by xRM

These days, it’s all about giving your employees efficient and effective communications tools that work on-site or on the go.  Microsoft Outlook, combined with Microsoft Exchange mail servers, provide best in class e-mail and productivity tools for companies world-wide.  Hosted Microsoft Communication Services (Exchange and Outlook) from helps busy, pragmatic business people like you to manage your digital communications with customers, share files, and schedule work from anywhere—and that’s productivity.  

The following functionality is at your fingertips:
- Electronic Mail
- Calendar
- Contacts and Tasks
- Mobile Support
- Outlook Web Access
- Data Storage
- Voice Mail Integration
- Web Service Support 
- High Level of Security

Bring big-company collaboration power to your business. Now just like the world’s most successful corporations, you can have instant access to coworkers’ calendars, contacts, tasks, and documents—easily and affordably. Let the experts run the software. With support 24 hours a day and seven days a week, antivirus and anti-spam filtering, and a full copy of Office Outlook for every computer that needs access to your mailbox, you’ll have the tools and the team of a reliable messaging solution. In addition, you can avoid investing in costly security controls and experts with this Hosted Microsoft Communication Services solution. 

To be safe, your solution doesn’t have to reside within your company’s walls. takes a layered and cross-disciplinary approach, utilizing the latest technologies to ensure the highest level of security without sacrificing performance. Our primary hosting environment has been deployed at a Tier IV data center.

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