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Icertis, Inc.

Icertis Fleet Management

by Icertis, Inc.

Transportation is the cornerstone of modern commerce. Whether it is goods and services or people movement, the growth and expansion of the economy has meant that transportation has become more critical than ever before. And transportation depends on a fleet deployed effectively to get goods and services delivered or people transported.

Managing a fleet is not only critical to optimizing transportation costs but also important to ensuring reduced fuel consumption and emissions, improved safety, and compliance. Adopting the right set of technology tools enables the fleet operator to improve asset productivity while optimizing costs and contributing positively towards social aspects of environment and safety. A Fleet Management solution requires capability that offers depth of functionality while being easy to use and quick to adopt while considering the operational challenges associated with a complex function like fleet management.

Icertis Fleet Management (IFM) is a next generation cloud native fleet management system that addresses all the challenges of managing fleet operations. This full featured product leverages a comprehensive maintenance management capability that helps customers improve fleet uptime and productivity while reducing maintenance costs. IFM helps manage the complete fleet lifecycle from induction to disposal with helping customers not only manage the lifecycle costs but also the compliance requirements through the lifecycle.

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