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InfoPath Accelerator

by Qdabra Software

Microsoft Office 365, with InfoPath, lets you quickly create online forms for your customers, employees, vendors, and partners. Collect information and store it in Team Site to provide immediate access, just-in-time reporting, and business process automation.

Qdabra’s InfoPath Accelerator (qRules 4.0) is an InfoPath add-on you inject into your InfoPath templates. It provides more than 50 of the most commonly requested features not available in InfoPath:

- Convert images and attachments to links in your SharePoint document library
- Connect your forms with SharePoint lists
- Copy values from one table to another
- Encrypt sensitive data in your form

Qdabra’s InfoPath Accelerator works with both client and browser-based forms in the cloud and one license lets you add the commands to all of your InfoPath forms.

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