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InGenius Software Inc.

InGenius CTI Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Telephony

by InGenius Software Inc.

InGenius Connector Enterprise for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a CTI application that seamlessly integrates users' telephone operations into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, providing click-to-dial from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM contact record pop-up based on incoming call. InGenius Connector Enterprise (ICE) sits between your existing telephony system and your Microsoft Dynamics CRM application to ensure that phone activity is easier to initiate, accurately captured and instantly available for detailed reporting. All without a desktop install!

Features include:
• Screen pop on incoming and outgoing calls based on received and placed calls that are matched to the corresponding record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
• Click-to-dial from within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM user interface
• Selective match: If caller ID matches multiple records within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the user can select the appropriate record when the caller has been identified verbally
• Incoming and Outgoing Automatic Call Logging
• Multiplatform Support: Cisco, Avaya, Asterisk, Broadsoft, Mitel

Supported versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM:
• Microsoft CRM 2011 on-premise
• Microsoft CRM 2011 online
• Microsoft CRM 2011 hosted

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