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Inventory Control and Planning Spreadsheet Templates for Excel

by Spreadsheets Builder

This Inventory Control and Planning Spreadsheet Template is an very useful Microsoft Excel based inventory control and planning tool. It helps you keep track, control and planning of your inventory easily and effectively. This spreadsheet template include: economic order quantity (EOQ), re-order points (ROP) and safety stocks calculation features. It will determine the best inventory re-order point (includes safety stocks), optimization of the lowest cost re-order quantities, generation of visually alerts when you need to re-order based on inventory items lead time, pervious sales record, and sales forecast data. It also comes with the inventory cost sheet, inventory re-order record sheet and EOQ detail graphic sheet to help the small business owner do better job on controlling and planning their inventory items in to a optimal model and cut down business cost.

Also This Inventory Control and Planning spreadsheet template is ability to share for people who are collaborating on the same Inventory management. It allows users to monitor the update activities and directly input their information into the same spreadsheet. The owner of a shared workbook can control what information is ultimately included and can stop sharing the workbook once all the data has been incorporated. Please check our SpreadsheetsBuilder's FAQ for how to setup this sharing feature.

Compare with the other inventory management software, our Inventory control and planning spreadsheet templates is very flexible and easy to use, with an affordable price. It may be expanded to support more than 65,000 inventory products by anyone with a basic knowledge of Excel.

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