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IWSAlerts – Network-Centric Emergency Notification System

by AtHoc

During emergencies, it is critical to quickly and accurately notify all personnel of threats, provide instructions and be able to assess in real-time the status of all personnel. To effectively and instantly reach a mass audience as well as targeted individuals and groups, many organizations and military facilities now rely on one of their most pervasive assets – the IP network.

AtHoc IWSAlerts has been designed as a highly secure, enterprise-class network-centric mass notification system. Its interoperability, scalability and security measures have led to its selection by highly demanding defense and commercial organizations including the U.S Strategic Command, U.S. Air Force, Boeing and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The AtHoc IWSAlerts solution:
- Transforms your existing IP network into a comprehensive, enterprise-class mass notification system for rapid communication, boundless reach and cost effectiveness
- Unifies all communication channels and devices, including networked computers, land/mobile phones, sirens, display boards, radios and others, into a single system to simplify activation, ensure message consistency and reduce alerting time
- Manages the emergency notification process across the enterprise by providing pre-defined scenarios, operator access policies, multi-location support, alert activation flow, tracking and reporting
- Monitors video feeds, physical sensors and external data sources to automatically trigger notification scenarios
- Ensures continuous accuracy of personnel contact information by integrating with enterprise directories, providing operator user management tools and supporting end user self service
- Complies with numerous DoD/Federal Requirements and Guidelines

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