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JEPRS: Joint Emergency Planning & Response System

by Infusion

JEPRS (Joint Emergency Planning and Response System), is a real-time crisis and planned event management solution, connecting government officials, including Disaster Managers, Operations Managers, and Field First Responders.

JEPRS connects all parties involved in an incident, crisis or event planned event management enabling real-time communication and collaboration over GIS data and incident reporting to provide an intuitive common operating picture and enhance situational awareness.

The primary drivers for this solution include:
- the ability to collaborate and document the common operating picture in an intuitive way, in real-time.
- An intuitive user interface that enables emergency management to track events and the response to those events in real-time.
- Deep integration with incident reporting directly through the monitoring system and the common operating picture.

Ultimately JEPRS is an application that allows enhanced real time communication. It enables the users to extend information and viewing capabilities on a need to know basis, a useful feature especially in a scenario in which an agency needs to involve outside agencies.

Key Features :
- Simple, user interface, ensuring minimal training time.
- Integration with established GIS data stores (ESRI, Intergraph, etc.)
- Real-time map collaboration with direct and intuitive integration to relevant incident reports.
- Built-in support for ICS (Incident Command System) forms as well as functionality to rapidly adopt custom forms.
- A rich web client enabling NGOs and outside personnel quick access to relevant information on a need-to-share basis.

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