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mcaConnect, LLC

Lean Manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics AX

by mcaConnect, LLC

Lean Manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics AX can empower your people to successfully implement kanban, kaizen, heijunka-board production leveling, just-in-time operations, and other key tactics by delivering the specific functionality, access to information, and process flexibility demanded by lean manufacturing operations. As an integral part of the familiar and adaptable end-to-end business management solution, Lean Manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you achieve the insight, agility, efficiency, and customer-orientation that enhance profitability and business success.

This lean manufacturing strategy requires a four step cycle of continuous improvement:

- Value-stream-mapping documents each step in the process, its inputs and outputs, across the entire supply-chain.
- Analysis and modeling identify tasks that could be simplified or cut altogether.
- Implementation and continuous improvement actualizes change on the plant floor.
- Management and reporting evaluates the results and begins the cycle again.

Our Lean Enterprise services enable mcaConnect clients to realize amazing results in a rapid and impactful way. Our proprietary Lean software Areteium is powerful addition to your AX software. Our Lean experts combined with our Lean tool set will assure no stone is left unturned as we help you drive time, cost, and waste from your manufacturing processes.

Areteium uses data from AX to determine optimal levels of inventory and resource needs. Areas covered as part of our Lean Enterprise analysis include: demand variation, shared resources, value streams, production planning, and more. Our Lean Enterprise services are not dependent on AX but are normally part of an AX initiative. The education your team will receive will enable your company to use Areteium to help create competitive advantage.

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