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MetaVis Technologies Inc

MetaVis Architect Suite for SharePoint/Windows Server 2008 R2

by MetaVis Technologies Inc

The MetaVis Suite Architect Suite for SharePoint is a complete set of tools for designing, deploying, migrating and managing SharePoint. The Suite includes software to help design taxonomy structures as well as to move and classify content in SharePoint for improved site documentation, search, and navigation. MetaVis does this easily without the need for installing server side components or agents making it ideal for the cloud and SharePoint Online.

Built on the MetaVis Information Architecture Platform, the Suite provides one integrated user interface for designing, migrating, and managing SharePoint.

Key features of MetaVis Architect Suite for SharePoint:

- Combine metadata management software with migration tools to keep your content organized and searchable
- Manage metadata and taxonomy structures with a system wide awareness of your SharePoint environment from one central location
- Provide familiar graphical interface allowing users to copy and paste or drag and drop items when migrating or classifying
- Governance using best of breed templates and creating site standards—content is easily searchable for eDiscovery
- Manage your SharePoint growth by maintaining and updating your taxonomy structures over time as your business and SharePoint use evolves

This Application Works With Windows Server 2008 R2.

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