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MetaVis Technologies Inc

MetaVis Folders for SharePoint/Windows Server 2008 R2

by MetaVis Technologies Inc

With MetaVis Folders for SharePoint you can collect more metadata about your SharePoint content without increasing the work for content authors. MetaVis Folders for SharePoint is a control that automates tagging and classification by copying folder metadata to any content stored inside. It automates metadata inheritance from designated folders in a library. Any file placed inside these folders automatically inherits the assigned metadata.

MetaVis Folders for SharePoint allows companies to:

- Copy column values from each folder in the folder path of the item into item columns at the time of item creation
- Give priority to the column values entered by the user
- Allow nested folders to overwrite column values defined for the parent folders
- Enable auto-assignment for specific lists, document libraries and folders
- Exclude specific folders from MetaVis Folders for SharePoint functionality

This Application Works With Windows Server 2008 R2.

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