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MigrationWiz - Email migration solution to Hosted Microsoft Exchange Servers

by BitTitan

MigrationWiz provides on-demand mailbox migration services through a fully automated cloud-based solution that can be accessed at anytime from anywhere to perform a seamless mailbox migration. Without the inconvenience of additional hardware or software to install, this patent pending technology allows the consumer to sign-up, configure and initiate a migration in a matter of minutes with no prior experience.

Any System: Migrate to any hosted Microsoft Exchange Server offering from any Exchange Server (hosted and on-premise), Google Apps, GroupWise, Zimbra, Kerio, and more.

Self-Service: Simple and effective migration solution. Sign-up, configure, purchase and submit migrations in minutes with no prior experience at your convenience.

Cost-Effective: Lower the total cost of migration. Predict costs by paying a fixed fee for each mailbox. Discounts available for larger purchases through a tiered-pricing system.

First-Class Support: 24x7 support in included with each migration license.

Faster Migrations: MigrationWiz's patent pending technology has moved hundreds of terabytes of data in under 48 hours.

Zero Deployment: No software to download or install. No hardware to deploy. Our zero deployment solution is hosted in our secure data center.

Secure: Automated migrations eliminate the need for human interaction with mailbox data — providing secure communication through SAS 70/PCI environments.

Unlimited Scalability: MigrationWiz supports hundreds of thousands of simultaneous migrations at any given time.

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