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Online Reservations System for Airlines

by Infusion

Infusion develops online reservations systems for airlines using Silverlight to provide customers with a better experience when interacting with them. Silverlight features, such as cross-platform capability, robust data compression, and asynchronous communication are used to deliver a rich experience that feels like a thick-client application. At the same time, management and costs can be centralized and software can be deployed faster to react to changing business needs.

With the new reservations system, airlines are able to centralize their servers and databases, which makes maintaintenance easier, and saves the remote service required to keep those machines running in the field. Infusion also incorporates smooth streaming to optimize the data transmission rate for users with low-bandwidth connections or less-powerful computers.

By moving to a web-based reservations system, airlines can eliminate some of the costs associated with remote agents and also realize the following benefits:

- Easy to develop, deploy, and support new software for call centers and remote agents.
- Low-bandwidth requirements for call centers and remote users with limited connections.
- Easy to integrate with other Web services and technologies.
- Fast, responsive, and simple for agents to use with minimal training.
- Flexible and extensible for future development and responsiveness to business needs.
- Take advantage of existing technology skills.
- Deliver a user experience that optimizes agent time.

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