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SysOp Tools, Inc.

Password Reminder Pro

by SysOp Tools, Inc.

Password Reminder Pro has an overall rating of 5 stars  from 1 customer.

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Password Reminder PRO: 5 Stars for reducing expiring password support calls

  • 5.0
  • Overall Rating 5 stars

Reviewed by:Tech-Wizard Reviewed on:5/16/2009

Password Reminder PRO is the only product that actually turns the "reactionary" support of password expiring and account expiring users into a "proactive" managed process. 1. Multiple, professional HTML (admin editable) automated email reminders sent to users in advance of password expiration, 2. (Very important!) Daily summary report email of upcoming and present password expiring users / account expiring users. The Daily report email makes it EASY for admins to spot issues and handle them before a user calls with a problem. 3. The Audit Console is GENIUS! It gives you a unique view of all AD user accounts and makes it snap-simple to keep your user accounts clean / organized. 4. Install is a SNAP, does not mod AD, and can be tested without disturbing users. There is nothing else like it, and it works incredibly well. 5. Product support is 100% top notch.
Nothing, except we would like to be able to edit which fields show in the Audit / Report console and Daily report email. This is supposed to be addressed in an upcoming release.
Additional Comments
I strongly recommend this product for supporting a password expiring user AD environment, especially if your company is under any sort of compliance guidelines. You want to use this software on ALL domain user accounts for maximum effectiveness. This is one of those "Truly great" AD tools and has a very high ROI. The software is licensed by number of password expiring users, meaning they do not force you to buy licenses for disabled and non-password-expiring user accounts. Very nice.
  • Price 5
  • Deployment Time 5
  • Needs Met 5
  • Compatibility 5
  • Performance 5

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The views and opinions submitted and expressed here are not those of Microsoft.