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PD Central, a web-based application, manages the Enterprise Tracking and Delivery of Educational Professional Development. It has been designed to serve as a central hub of information where all delivery, tracking and reporting can be performed from one location. At the school and district levels, robust reporting allows principals and superintendents the ability to analyze what type of PD is being offered, how often, and to whom. Since PD Headquarters is a web-based application, users can manage their PD information from any location.

Some of the benefits of PD Headquarters include:

 Create, approve and advertise professional development to be delivered, which are called sessions. Sessions are not advertised until their funding, schedule and content have been approved by another user, such as a principal or superintendent
 Upload session-related training materials; limiting document availability by the user’s security role if desired
 Register for currently advertised PD sessions
 Wait-list for sessions or content prior to session availability
 Track PD credits on an individual, school, and/or district level
 Manage session rosters by marking attendance, printing a roster report, and auto-generating session certificates
 Manage individual profiles, biographies, and growth plans
 Manage various levels of evaluations, including adding ad-hoc evaluation questions at the session level
 Run reports for schools or districts relating to sessions, credits (both potential and earned), session content, and evaluations
 Administer drop down lists to keep all user options up to date without additional development
 Online help files with searching and index capability

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