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OSIsoft, LLC

PI Real-Time Enterprise Infrastructure

by OSIsoft, LLC

OSIsoft PI System is a real-time, event-driven enterprise infrastructure that uses an Office Business Application (OBA) based on Microsoft Office SharePoint, Excel Services in Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Visual Studio tools to make operational data available to employees in the familiar business productivity environment (the Microsoft Office system)in which they already work. OSIsoft Datalink uses Excel Services to bring operational data directly into Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheets that are accessible through role-based intranet portals running on SharePoint. OSIsoft's PI WebParts, also running on SharePoint, support virtual teams that can collaborate across time zones and organizations.

Built on the Windows Server 2008 Enterprise operating system and Microsoft SQL Server, the PI System creates a streaming archival database from more than 500 types of operational data sources, including enterprise resource planning systems such as SAP R/3 and Oracle. It then uses SharePoint, Excel Services, PowerPivot, and PerformancePoint to transform the data into dynamic real-time plant floor reports and key performance indicators that users can view with the familiar Microsoft Office system interface. OSIsoft’s PI System enables creation of dynamic plant floor OBAs and gives companies user-friendly ways to combine real-time data with other data sources, associate that data with equipment or other assets in SAP, and impose business rules to detect meaningful real-time events. The results can be viewed in rich, process-oriented displays or on thin-client dashboards.

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