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Unify² PowerRoute: Enabling Global Lync Deployments

Unify² PowerRoute 1.0 enables global Microsoft Lync Server 2010 voice deployments by providing voice routing functionality that facilitates compliance with national telecom regulations.

Deploying Microsoft Lync Server 2010 with voice capabilities can present challenges globally. Over 50 countries throughout the world, including India, Pakistan, China, Brazil, Bahrain and Algeria, have telecommunication regulations that place restrictions on what calls may be routed over IP and what calls must be routed over the PSTN. In order for enterprises to deploy Lync Server world-wide, they must comply with regulations in all countries they have offices in.

Lync does not provide a native solution to meet this requirement. By using PowerRoute, enterprises can take advantage of the rich communications of Microsoft Lync Server 2010 and comply with national VoIP routing regulations, in particular the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) requirements. For example, a US-based employee visiting Bangalore, India must have all of their PSTN calls routed through a local PSTN gateway in Bangalore. This limitation becomes a deployment blocking factor for any enterprise since there is no way to comply with these regulations with a native Lync Server deployment alone.

PowerRoute augments the capability of Lync with a powerful rule-based routing engine. This engine takes into account the location of each call participant, and any regulations that apply based on their physical location. Employees can communicate using any of their Lync 2010 clients, not only when they are in their corporate office, but also when they are visting remote offices, with both internal and external parties. PowerRoute helps ensure that groups are not bridged inappropriately, and that calls are routed correctly to meet regulatory compliance.

PowerRoute supports compliance for all common call types, including two-party calls, forwarded calls, transferred calls, and conference calls. It enables your users to flexibly communicate, while blocking call scenarios that would bridge CUG scenarios with PSTN scenarios, and automatically routing calls appropriately to the correct PSTN breakout, across the network, even blocking actions (such as conferencing an outside number) that would cause an ongoing call to violate regulatory requirements.

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