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Powertrak Contact Center for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

by Axonom

Contact Center / Call Center CRM software should ensure efficient interaction with contacts, and support simple question/answer presentation, in-line consolidated account information and streamlined follow-up communication.

With the Powertrak Contact Center CRM software module for call centers, you can easily qualify leads, run campaigns, close the loop on sales opportunities, handle support and manage customer service requests inside and outside your organization. Since it is browser-based software, it is easy to deploy and easy to train new users. Your call center can handle more transactions at lower cost while improving overall customer service management for partners and customers.

- Rules-driven branch dynamic scripting
- Handle any incoming and queue-driven outbound call center interaction
- Real-time productivity tracking
- Script scoring is built-in to drive tasks, emails and other user-defined activities.
- Customizable and CTI ready

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We have a high transactional, high volume business and use Powertrak!

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Robust and Scalable Contact Center Product for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Reviewed by:MCN3 Reviewed on:2/22/2013

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Huge Savings Realized!

Reviewed by:Kathy_Mennenga Reviewed on:10/7/2011

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