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Predixion Software, Inc.

Predixion Insight™ is an integrated predictive analytics platform designed to simplify the entire predictive process in order to get actionable predictive insights to the frontlines where decisions are made, faster than anyone else.

Predixion is the first and only predictive analytics platform designed for business analysts and other non-technical users - it’s powerful enough for a data scientist, but doesn’t require one – so more organizations can benefit from the power of being predictive. With Predixion, predictive models are created through a simple wizard-driven interface that any business intelligence (BI) professional can understand. Predixion enables collaboration and sharing of predictive models and results among business analysts, data scientists and information consumers to expedite the predictive process; and automates and integrates into existing enterprise software applications so the predictive insights can be easily consumed at the decision point. Predixion is also the only predictive analytics solution that enables existing predictive applications to be quickly and easily modified, shared and redeployed into disparate environments and across multiple data sets.

With Predixion’s integration into Microsoft Excel, companies can build powerful models in a familiar environment. The platform is natively integrated with the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack and is fully integrated with Microsoft SQL Server®, PivotalHD and Pivotal Greenplum®, “R” Programming Language, Cloudera EDH and Impala, and open source Hadoop with HIVE, with additional analytic platforms on the roadmap. Predixion Insight has an advanced deployment framework designed to simplify the process of sharing models across an enterprise, automating predictions directly from source data to line-of-business applications, BI platforms, clinical systems and Predixion’s own thin client app for PCs and mobile devices, eliminating complexity from the end-user experience.

Predixion Insight allows companies to create portable analytics solutions within weeks instead of months. Its patent-pending Machine Learning Semantic Model™ (MLSM) encapsulates workflow and enables portability and repeatability of predictive applications, provides big data predictive analytics on multiple algorithm libraries including Mahout via Excel modeling environment and deploys powerful predictions directly to the people who need to act on them.

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