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    On-premises Application
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    Document Management
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    Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, Microsoft Visual C, C++, or C#, SAP solutions built on Microsoft technologies
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The SAP PP-PI module manages the production process in conjunction with the process control systems, by directing resources (raw material, equipment etc.), recipes, process-steps and aggregated data collection.

OSIsoft’s integration with SAP PP-PI provides support for the following capabilities:
- Supports all standard SAP PP-PI instructions such as APROD, ACONS, ACRST, APHST etc.
- Additional BAPIs are supported for Material Movements, Material Details, Material Batches,
- Production Orders and Repetitive Manufacturing
- Extensible with ad-hoc messages and general SAP transaction support
- Pull and push of recipes from SAP

Interface to SAP R/3 PM (Plant Maintenance)
The SAP-PM module tracks maintenance history and schedules maintenance activities.

Interface to SAP R/3 QM (Quality Management)
The SAP QM module supports tasks associated with quality planning, quality inspection and quality control throughout an enterprise. It sets the specifications for quality and standard testing procedures, controls the creation of quality certificates and manages notifications related to quality. It also stores the quality data for raw materials, goods-in-process and finished goods.

At the enterprise level, i.e., at the SAP level, you require quality data to be saved with customer orders and goods shipped and received. However, at the plant level, i.e. at the RtPM PI System level, the quality data is required to be stored with a timestamp such that it can be coordinated with other plant-floor events for data analysis and production improvement. It is important to note that coordination between the plant-floor and SAP is possible only with the inspection lot number for a quality sample. RLINK provides this critical coordination by storing the timestamp from PI together with the lot number generated by SAP.

OSIsoft’s integration with SAP-QM supports the following capabilities:
- Quality data analysis using PI ProcessBook (desktop rich client)
- Quality data analysis using RtWebParts/SAP iViews in a browser, including SAP Enterprise Portal
- Quality and inspection results entered directly into SAP QM may be downloaded to PI
- Use of PI Batch to track sample inspection lots
- PI-ManualLogger for hand held devices (PDAs) or PC based manual data entry
- Interfaced via QM-IDI (Quality Management - Inspection Data Interface) RFC Library and certified by SAP

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