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AbleBridge Inc.

Sales Pipeline Management for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

by AbleBridge Inc.

Sales Pipeline Management includes a sales methodology that can be form-fitted to any specific sales process; but the overall structure of the tool maintains one common objective – quantify overall pipeline and measure forecasted revenue against organizational and individual sales goals.

The solution provides real-time dashboards, on-demand reports and reporting packages ensure a consistent operating rhythm and provide Sales Leaders with visibility into opportunity changes, pipeline trends and sales rep performance.

Our solution:
- Proven sales methodology provides immediate impact for Sales Leaders looking to quantity the state of their business.
- Measure against Key Performance Indicators (KPI) specific to your sales cycle and engagement process
- Track revenue goals vs. sales performance for improved financial planning and accountability 
- Identify key trends and remove barriers to sales productivity
- Measure real-time performance against historical trend metrics

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