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SATS: State Agency Tracking System

by Rock Solid Technologies, Inc.

The State Agency Tracking System (SATS), developed by Rock Solid Technologies, Inc. for the Food and Nutrition State Agency of Puerto Rico using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to standardize processes and create a repository of information for different divisions inside the governmental agency. SATS is responsible to register information related to sponsors, institutions that participates in the program, as well as license management, and agreements that comply with state and federal regulations.

The main idea of this solution is the integration of five participating nutrition programs, providing them a full and clear view of those sponsors, contracts, reimbursements, licenses and payments for each one of them. It increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the nutritional programs, facilitating the maintenance of this processes, which can be completed transparently by the same agency staff.

The system enabled several changes as the possibility of having status notifications of each of the claims submitted by various sponsors. It facilitates the monitoring of payments, avoiding duplication and further payments. The agency, once having this solution implemented, managed to get more information effectively, reducing significantly costs of hiring additional resources.

The State Agency Tracking System (SATS), built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, was essentially designed to fulfill the needs of the Puerto Rico Department of Education. However, it can be easily adapted to other agencies or organizations that need to streamline, control and manage their sponsors’ process, in a centralized repository of information; especially in every Department of Education in the States.

With SATS, the agency now have the necessary information to make wiser decision making, evaluate different strategies, and define growth opportunities.

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