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Manage and protect your organization's most vulnerable secrets: your privileged passwords. With Secret Server password management software, you and your colleagues can control access to all of your critical passwords in one central web-based repository.  Our password management software offers each member of your team the ability to securely store, distribute, and audit secrets such as router passwords and service accounts. 

Typical use cases for Secret Server:

- IT administrator team storing various types of data with granular control and auditing on who has access to which passwords.
- Managing local Windows Administrator accounts across Windows workstations using an expiration period (say 20 days) and having those passwords automatically changed on that schedule.
- Automating Service Account passwords changes by having Secret Server find all the places that service accounts are used and then automatically changing them on a regular schedule.

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Excellent product for Enterprise Passwords

Reviewed by:Vinit-K Reviewed on:2/26/2010

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