SharePoint Calendar E-Mail Extension 3.0


Add the missing E-mail Communication to SharePoint Calendars.

Enforce your Meeting Organization Policies on SharePoint, improve Team and Resource Scheduling, and let your Team work more efficiently:

- Organize Meetings, send Meeting Requests and handle Attendees' responses on SharePoint
- Integrate Meetings and Meeting Workspaces,
Ease information sharing and collaborating with external team members,
- Improve your Team and Resource Scheduling on SharePoint, and
- Protect confidential Meetings.

Organize Meetings, Meeting Requests and Responses

The SharePoint Calendar E-Mail Extension adds the missing e-mail Meeting Requests and Response Handling to SharePoint. From now on you'll be able to organize your team's meetings on SharePoint.
Smooth Integration with SharePoint Meeting Workspaces

The SharePoint Calendar E-Mail Extension integrates smoothly with SharePoint Meeting Workspaces. Attendees' status will be kept up to date and is visible in both, meetings and meeting workspaces. Recurrence information and exceptions to series are provided with events and meeting workspaces as well.
Improve Team and Resource Scheduling on SharePoint

SharePoint Calendar E-Mail extension integrates its team scheduling features to improve team scheduling without publishing team members' calendars and integrates smoothly with resource scheduling.
Enforce your Meeting Organization Policy!

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