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SIMA - Government Financial System

by Rock Solid Technologies, Inc.

The Government Financial System, SIMA, is a financial solution created to manage the transactions of the contributors in a fast and efficient way, like for example the processing of patents and sales taxes. It streamlines all the manual transactions that used to dissipate the services given to the constituents. The solution is built over Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft SQL Server 2008. SIMA is also known as Integrated Solution for Advanced Municipalities in Puerto Rico.

SIMA has been proven and tested in Puerto Rico for almost five years, and is currently used in more than eight municipalities.

Some of the benefits of SIMA are the following: allows the government entity to have access to the information, minimize operational costs, increase personnel productivity, more efficiency in processes, improve management decision making, among others.
Furthermore, the solution allows keeping updated municipal financial records, in a safe and integrated way.

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