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Socrata GovStat

by Socrata

GovStat is Socrata’s performance measurement and reporting platform, designed specifically for government. GovStat helps public sector leaders bring data, collaboration, and citizen feedback into the decision making process. It simplifies data- driven management, from goal setting, to measuring performance against goals, to communicating progress with internal stakeholders and citizens.

GovStat takes advantage of Socrata’s open data technologies to put performance data into employees’ hands. They can collect, visualize, and share that data more easily. GovStat also introduces these unique design features:

• Easy-to-use interfaces to organize performance data from multiple sources into one cloud-based “data warehouse” that all employees can access, without the need for user licenses.

• Dynamic dashboards that continuously review progress against goals and allow employees to understand how their programs are connected.

• Automatic calculation and reporting of progress against strategic goals.

• Intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces that give all employees the power to create dynamic reports, and share them with others, instantly.

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