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Socrata Open Data Portal

by Socrata

The Socrata Open Data Portal enables government leaders to deliver on their transparency and digital government initiatives with unprecedented speed and costs savings. The Portal offers a complete software-as-a- service platform that puts data into people’s hands, including ways to:

• Empower government employees to easily publish data and create information resources to support the delivery of their programs.

• Offer citizens a consumer-friendly web and mobile experience to visualize and share the data that affects their lives.

• Support developer innovation with powerful, easy-to-use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) so they can efficiently reuse the data.

The Socrata Open Data Portal includes a complete suite of turnkey software services designed to simplify the entire data lifecycle, from capture and collection to distribution and consumption:

Socrata DataSpace: An elastic cloud-based data storage, indexing, and retrieval service that simplifies data management and automatically optimizes access for a wide variety of data sources.

Socrata Data Publishing Services: Easy-to- use tools for publishing and updating data from spreadsheets, file systems and transactional databases, including real-time automated publishing.

Data Discovery and Visualization:
Consumer-friendly interfaces that make it easy to discover data, explore it online, visualize it with charts and maps, and share it with others.

The Socrata Open Data API (SODA): An open, standards-based API that automatically provides RESTful access and an expressive query language for every dataset.

Socrata Open Data Federation Services: A game-changing technology that enables two or more organizations to exchange and aggregate their data, with one click.

The Socrata Data Player: A web widget that allows government agencies to embed live data, maps, and charts on their agency websites.

Socrata Data Analytics: Real-time analytics on usage, distribution and traffic patterns for each dataset in the Open Data Portal.

Socrata Mondara: Extends the open data experience to geospatial data that was previously only accessible to GIS experts.

Socrata Open Extensions for Esri ArcGis 10:
Easily Integrates maps from an Esri environment into the Open Data Portal in order to allow GIS professionals to leverage their existing assets and infrastructure, while giving citizens a unified open data experience.

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