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Unify² BusyOnBusy 2.0 (Lync Version)

by Unify Square, Inc.

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 enables users to handle multiple communication sessions concurrently, allowing users to communicate with multiple parties at the same time, place phone calls on hold, or have calls forwarded to other users, groups or voicemail. These sessions may include multiple modalities such as instant messaging, voice and conferencing.

In some situations it may be appropriate to allow for additional calls when a user is already busy with an active phone call. In other circumstances, the appropriate way to handle secondary calls is the familiar busy signal, alerting the caller that the number they are trying to contact is busy, and to call back at a later time.

The Unify2 BusyOnBusy 2.0 solution adds this capability to Lync 2010’s feature set, enabling administrators to configure secondary call suppression by sending the well-known busy signal back to a secondary caller. Unify2s BusyOnBusy 2.0 solution allows the administrator to enable individual or multiple users for secondary call suppression.

Commonly Requested BusyOnBusy Scenarios:

- Specialized Job Functions: Some positions require minimal distraction from tasks that require constant attention, or, for legal or security requirements, need to avoid unnecessary outside interactions. Limiting non-critical phones to one call at a time can be part of the communication requirements in these situations.
- Expected Caller Experience: In some situations, such as a crisis line, a busy tone may be a preferred experience as opposed to listening to an IVR script or being forwarded to voicemail.
- Executive Conference Room Phones: Often a separate line without voicemail is used in an executive conference room. While a phone call is active, it may be desirable to block additional calls by sending a busy signal.
- Common Area Phones: Deployments of common area phones are frequently limited to one active call in high traffic locations such as copy rooms and lobbies.

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