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Unify² BusyOnBusy 2.5

by Unify Square, Inc.

Unify2 BusyOnBusy 2.5

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 enables users to handle multiple communication sessions simultaneously, thus allowing them to communicate with multiple parties at the same time. Users can place phone calls on hold or have calls forwarded to other users, groups, or even voicemail. These sessions may include multiple modalities such as instant messaging, voice and conferencing.

In certain situations it may be appropriate to allow for additional calls when a user is already busy with an active phone call. In other circumstances the appropriate way to handle secondary calls is the familiar busy signal, alerting the caller that the number they are trying to contact is busy. These features, however, are not available with the standard Microsoft Lync Server 2010 package.

Unify2’s BusyOnBusy 2.5 solution adds this capability to Lync 2010’s features, enabling companies to have secondary call suppression by sending the well-known busy signal back to a secondary caller. This can be either done by an administrator or by integrating it into existing workflows or self-service portals.

BusyOnBusy Benefits

- Facilitates Lync Server Deployments: Provides users with similar call behavior to their PBX environment for their incoming calls.

- Increase Employee Efficiency: BusyOnBusy allows enterprises to take advantage of Secondary Call Suppression. Limiting secondary calls to specific lines reduces the need for voicemail, hold queues, trunks, and overflow groups.

- Reduces Administration costs with Flexible Administration: Intuitive command line executable allows administrators to easily enable or disable users or groups for secondary call suppression. Administrators can also manage and view users that are configured for BusyOnBusy 2.5.

- Easy integration into work flows and (self-service) portals: Due to the fact that BusyOnBusy is a command line utility, it is easy to integrate into all sorts of portals and workflows. An example of successful integration is having BusyOnBusy 2.5 integrated in Microsoft System Center Service Manager and Orchestrator in such a way that users can decide on their own whether or not to receive secondary calls.

- Simple Installation: Easy installation allows the solution to be deployed within minutes.

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