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Unify² PowerCall 1.0 (Lync Version)

by Unify Square, Inc.

Certain organizations receive many ‘spam’ calls from external users. Automated dialers with computer voice messages make it that much easier for telemarketers and other unwanted callers to call anyone and everyone with little or no effort. For instance, a certain external user may attempt to call the CEO of an organization repeatedly. Routing these calls to the CEO would not only frustrate the CEO, but could also lead to a huge loss in productivity.

Utilizing Lync out of the box, it is not possible for either a user or an administrator to control this behavior, and hence is at the mercy of external users discovering the relevant phone number causing this problem.

Instead, it would be ideal if a solution existed which ensured that when certain callers placed a call, that irrespective of whom they were targeting, the calls would be blocked or redirected to a central voicemail that would receive and handle these calls appropriately. The voicemail could be a generic “Please leave a message”, or could be to a receptionist’s voicemail, or another voicemail to handle the call gracefully.

Unify² PowerCall 1.0 enables enterprises to have finer control on the handling of incoming calls than is possible with Microsoft Lync out of the box. By providing such capabilities, a Lync administrator is able to carry out simple scenarios such as blocking calls from certain external phone numbers, or ensuring that calls from these external phone numbers are redirected appropriately. With PowerCall, the administrator needs to configure and manage just one global list of Voice spam filter.

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