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WennSoft Signature Service Management

by WennSoft

WennSoft Signature Service Management provides asset focused organizations the ability to drive their field service/work order operations.

Using Service Management, you can:

- Drag and drop to adjust field technician schedules allowing for new or emergency work
- Arm field technicians with mobile devices that can work online or in a store and forward capacity ensuring keeping and capturing all the information
- Increase customer satisfaction with a competitive view of your customers from initial sale and installation through a lifetime of service
- Streamline the management of maintenance contracts with automated quoting, invoicing, revenue recognition, preventive maintenance scheduling, work order creation with tasking and tracking of master and individual contracts per location
- Entering time and expense once to apply cost and create billing on a work order using the same entry to create payroll.
- Visibility into inventory levels that can be tracked and applied to work orders
- Analyze costs that will gain insight into your profit margins
- Easily evaluate the costs and profitability of your projects and variance-to-budget analysis allowing you to drill down into detail
- Single point of data entry as every cost and billing transaction is built on a Microsoft ERP solution
- Drive customer loyalty and satisfaction by providing customers to access to information, requesting service calls, and follow up through customer portal

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