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En Pointe Nets $300K Customer Engagement Through Pinpoint

When En Pointe Technologies secured a $300,000 customer contract by virtue of a customer lead from the Microsoft Pinpoint marketplace, Matt Ondrejko, Microsoft director at En Pointe, was certainly pleased but not necessarily surprised.

“We’ve been a part of Pinpoint since its creation,” Ondrejko says. “As one of Pinpoint’s early adopters, we recognized that it was going to be a powerful marketing tool for prospects searching for Microsoft partners.”

Based in Los Angeles, En Pointe provides computer hardware and software licensing products, as well as an extensive array of IT services. The company staffs more than 500 employees worldwide and serves thousands of small, medium-to-large-sized enterprises, educational institutions, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.


Why Pinpoint? Numerous Leads, Advancement of the Cloud

En Pointe has garnered a significant number of leads from Pinpoint that have quickly led to new business. “When customers access our profile, they’re already actively looking for a solution,” says Ondrejko. In most cases, he says, the customer has an approved budget, is ready to buy IT services, and needs deployment assistance.

“Obviously, these are excellent leads and closing these sales is a relatively fast process.”

Currently, most of the customer leads that En Pointe derives from Pinpoint revolve around the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS). “There is a great market niche for BPOS and moving to the cloud,” Ondrejko says, “especially among small-to-midsize companies that can’t afford large IT infrastructures in their organizations.”


The Inception of a Major Customer Win

Early in 2010, En Pointe’s Pinpoint profile caught the attention of a 500-user customer in the financial services industry, which led to a successful engagement. “The company was unhappy with its licensing partner,” Ondrejko explains, “and management was looking for someone that was proactive and able to provide a complete licensing services operation.

“They realized very quickly that En Pointe could save them a tremendous amount of money related to their licensing purchases, because they weren’t being managed correctly.” Ondrejko says that the customer didn’t have a good handle on what software it owned or how to deploy it, given its resource allocations at the time.


Relational, Not Transactional

“Many of our competitors are transactional partners,” he says. “Once they sell a product, they say a quick goodbye to the customer, and they’re off to the next prospect. We’re not like that. We build relationships-- deploying the products, explaining all the licensing procedures, and helping our customers understand the benefits and features of what they’ve purchased.”

Ondrejko says that its financial services customer had already purchased System Center Server Management Suite, yet the company had bought a competitive product that provided almost the exact same functionality.

“We came in and convinced them to nullify that purchase and deploy System Management Suite,” Ondrejko says. “With the Microsoft solution, we were able to implement remote hands management, patch management, and strong security features. And the customer avoided having to pay a yearly membership fee for that competitive product.”

In addition to System Center Server Management Suite, En Pointe also deployed Windows 7, and Office 2010. The revenue earnings from the engagement totaled $300,000.


Additional Win: BPOS Brings Lawyers to Order

According to a May 2009 report by The Radicati Group, a technology market-research firm, there were 1.4 billion e-mail users worldwide in 2009 and that number is growing by more than 100 million users every year. E-mail is far and away the number one application for most companies. Ondrejko says, “I know companies that literally send their employees home when their e-mail goes down.”

In another successful En Pointe engagement through Pinpoint, a 100-user law firm contacted the company, because their e-mail system was proving inconsistent and unreliable. “The firm couldn’t afford a dedicated e-mail architect in its environment,” Ondrejko says.

“He said that the firm’s part-time e-mail “specialist” was a lawyer, who was becoming increasingly frustrated. “Our solution was to migrate all of the firm’s e-mail to the cloud with BPOS. They didn’t have to manage their e-mail any longer, their storage requirements went away, and the system was better secured.”

And needless to say, the former part-time e-mail “specialist” raised no objection when he was able to resume his lawyer duties full time.


"Who better than Microsoft?"

Ondrejko says that prior to the development of Pinpoint, many different websites listed Microsoft partners, which led to a fair amount of confusion among prospective customers. “When Microsoft took it upon itself to consolidate those websites and become the leader,” he says, “I was gratified, to say the least. Who better to consult than Microsoft when looking for a partner?”

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