Pinpoint Success Story

Customers Around the Globe Find Sweden-based Absalon via Pinpoint

For Microsoft partners around the world, Pinpoint continues to transcend international barriers and dramatically expand market reach. In Malmo, Sweden, Absalon International AB is capturing a steady flow of monthly prospects from near and far, thanks to Pinpoint.

Christel Green Johnsson, Absalon marketing director, says, “We had a chance to start off really early with Pinpoint, so of course we wanted to be a part of that.” That early start has enabled Absalon to craft a well-conceived profile and generate strong leads.

“Pinpoint has been giving us the opportunity to meet customers within other countries and other market segments that we might not have met,” Johnsson says. “So far we’ve had months with 20, 30, and 40 leads from Pinpoint and the Dynamics Marketplace. Every month, at least one or two of those leads turn into real business cases.”


A Quality Profile Engages Quality Prospects

The Absalon success story further demonstrates the importance of putting superior care into a Pinpoint profile. According to Johnsson, Absalon built its profile to showcase its capabilities in a captivating manner.

“We put some effort on doing some nice presentations and presented them on Pinpoint. And as soon as we were able to become a part of the Dynamics Marketplace, we presented our solutions there, too,” she says.

The endeavor has paid off in a big way. Dozens of prospects have initiated a dialogue with Absalon. Although many prospects do not become customers right away, that all-important contact has been made and, over time, business relationships can develop.


Pinpoint Drives 5 to 10 Percent of Total Revenue

Johnsson says that Absalon is reaping substantial financial gain from Pinpoint. In fact, she credits Pinpoint with bringing in 5 to 10 percent of the company’s total revenue. That percentage will likely increase as more customers around the globe discover the value of Pinpoint.

Where does Absalon go from here? Johnsson says, “Within Absalon, we will continue to focus on what we are good at. We are totally focused on Dynamics CRM.

“Even if it is hard times with the economy at the moment, people always want to sell their products and do it well. If they are looking for a CRM system, we are here for them.”


A Proven and Successful Track Record

Absalon is a Microsoft Gold-certified partner that specializes in helping global companies in a variety of industries, including professional services and manufacturing. According to the Absalon website, “Our team has been developing solutions on Dynamics CRM since 2004, and we have a proven and successful track record.”

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Gold-certified Absalon International develops industry-specific ISV solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


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