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Top French Partner Ai³ Lands Government Engagement Through Pinpoint

Pinpoint continues to make positive and profitable inroads for an increasing number of partners across Europe, including Ai³, a Paris-based consulting company that specializes in integrating innovative Microsoft solutions. Ai³ is a Microsoft Gold-certified partner and the first Cloud Accelerate partner in France.

“Pinpoint is a very good tool for us in the marketing strategy for our company,” says Xavier Raymond, sales director at Ai³.


Pinpoint Makes a Substantive Connection

According to Raymond, Pinpoint was instrumental in connecting Ai³ with a noteworthy French institute, a government customer at the national level that staffs 60 employees.

The IT specialists within the institute searched the Pinpoint website, using key words like “Cloud” and “Office 365” to find a list of partners near Paris.

“The primary business need for the institute was to externalize its IT infrastructure, because they didn’t have enough IT resources to correctly manage all of the infrastructure,” says Raymond. “Ai³ was close to their location, and our profile interested them, so they decided to call us.”

The relationship between the French institute and Ai³ is off to an encouraging start. The amount of revenue generated to date is approximately €15,000, and Raymond foresees a long and mutually beneficial business relationship. “It is great for the future because we are only at the beginning of our collaboration.”

Without the major assist from Pinpoint, it is highly unlikely that any contact between the French institute and Ai³ would have been initiated.


Pinpoint and Ai³: Working Well Together

Raymond is upbeat about the capabilities and benefits of Pinpoint. “Pinpoint is a very good showcase for Ai³.”

“Today we are very engaged with Pinpoint,” he says. “We have an integrated Pinpoint logo on our website. We update our profile at least twice a month to update all of our Discovery Packs, to update all the keywords, and to ensure that our keywords have been integrated into Pinpoint like Cloud, Office 365, Azure, business intelligence, social networks, SharePoint, and all of that.”


Ai³ Areas of Expertise 

Ai³ focuses on four areas of specialization. The first is collaborative solutions, which represents 40 percent of the company’s annual revenue. The second area is unified communication solutions, primarily based on Microsoft Online Services and Office 365. The third area is business intelligence projects, which includes dashboard and reporting. And the fourth area of specialization is applications development based on the .Net Platform and Windows Azure.

The Ai³ Discovery Pack methodology combines functional, technical and financial aspects. Three versions are offered—Report, Dashboard and More Dashboard.

“I work with a fantastic team of consultants in Ai³. We all work together to support our customers’ success and help them grow their business.”

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Partner Snapshot

Ai³, a Microsoft Gold-certified partner and the first Cloud Accelerate partner in France, specializes in integrating innovative Microsoft solutions.


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