Pinpoint Success Story

Pinpoint Broadens Market Reach for Paris-based Axones

“We normally connect with people in France,” says Vincent Decugis, CEO of Axones in suburban Paris, “but thanks to the Pinpoint marketplace we found a potential customer in Switzerland.”

Axones is a business and technology consulting service that specializes in project management and technical expertise in application architecture, integration, and outsourcing. Because of Pinpoint, Axones will likely attract many more European suitors for its business applications, e-commerce sites, and customized Microsoft Dynamics solutions.


A Plug-and-Play Solution for Sales Force Automation

Axones has earned an excellent reputation for responding proactively to market needs. And by engaging with customers and prospects, a glaring deficiency came to light.

As Decugis explains, “A lot of our contacts were really focused on SFA (sales force automation). The solution was quite complete, but maybe a little too much for customers just beginning to implement a CRM solution. All the marketing and support information was a bit confusing for some customers, so we simplified the Dynamics interface. We made a kind of plug-in.”

From there, Axones took another important step forward. “We discovered it was a good idea to put this plug-in on the Pinpoint marketplace for free,” Decugis says. “This is something we put as a product called Quick SFA, and it has generated quite a few leads for us.”


A Swiss Company Comes Calling

Pinpoint and Quick SFA caught the eye of a prospect company from Switzerland, which was already running an existing CRM. “We discussed their needs with them,” Decugis says, “and when we looked at what they had, we discovered it was quite a bit more CRM than was practical.

“There was a large amount of customer and commercial information that had many different Excel spreadsheets and things like this. So there was quite a challenge for the company to capitalize on customer assets and reconsolidate them into a real CRM solution.

“They looked at Quick SFA, and it is quite simple. Just plug and play and start an SFA activity. This prospect has looked at Axones as a company that can help put the solution in place.


Augment the Solution to Boost Product Value and Revenue

According to Decugis, a one-month engagement added up to approximately €20,000 in revenue. “That’s not a big investment for the prospect,” he says. “But we are putting more and more bricks into the solution, which will add up to something significant—a range between €50,000 and €100,000.”

Decugis acknowledges the vast potential of online marketing, and he says that the Axones Pinpoint profile makes it all possible.

“Pinpoint is the place to be,” he says.


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Axones Snapshot

Axones is an IT consulting firm that specializes in project management, application architecture, integration and outsourcing.


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