Pinpoint Success Story

Cloud-IT “Absolutely Loves” Pinpoint

Pinpoint continues to win the minds and hearts of companies worldwide, including Cloud-IT, a Montreal-based firm that offers cloud-based expertise in Microsoft Office 365, Windows Small Business Server and SharePoint.

Steve Noel, Cloud-IT director of sales and marketing, says, “Pinpoint is a huge part of our marketing strategy.”

Prior to creating its own Pinpoint profile, Cloud-IT studied the Pinpoint experiences of other partners. Noel said his marketing team discovered that partners that maintain superior Pinpoint profiles consistently rank higher on Internet search engines.


Far Exceeding Expectations

“Within a few weeks of creating a very well-established Pinpoint profile and working at it, we saw instant results,” Noel says. “So Pinpoint is definitely at the core of our web marketing.”

“I was estimating maybe getting five leads a month and we’ve far exceeded that.

“Some of these leads have turned into thousands of dollars of business for us. One of our newest customers is a construction project-management company. It’s a multinational company and they have offices in Canada, the US, and also the Middle East. And that referral came to us from Pinpoint.”


Customer Reviews Make the Difference

Noel says that its new customer was looking for a partner in Montreal. “They were on Pinpoint,” Noel says, “searching ‘Office 365 Montreal.’ Our profile came up, they saw some of our customer reviews, and we began engaging with them.”

Research findings underscore the importance of featuring reviews on a Pinpoint profile. According to Digital Visitor, on average, adding reviews to a website doubles the browsing time—a 100 percent increase. Statistics from Reevoo confirm that “reviews enhance sales by up to 18 percent.”


“If It Wasn’t for Pinpoint, We Wouldn’t Be Able to Attract a Customer Like This.”

Noel says that its new customer engagement has been “tremendous.” And that it was all made possible because of the Cloud-IT Pinpoint profile.

“Cloud-IT absolutely loves Pinpoint,” Noel says. “We were able to do lots of business with this customer. We did their Office 365 deployment. We did training for them. We did new installs for computers. We are looking at selling them hardware, and we are looking forward to building a relationship with them.

“This company has huge potential. We’re talking about 40 to 50 users across the world with the capability of growing even more.

“If it wasn’t for Pinpoint, we wouldn’t be able to attract a customer like this. So you can see why everyone at Cloud-IT is very passionate about Pinpoint. We’ve gotten great results from it, and we will continue to improve our Pinpoint profile.

“It’s a fantastic investment for partners.”

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Based in Montreal, Gold-certified Cloud-IT specializes in Office 365, Windows Small Business Server and SharePoint.


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