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Scotland-based Company Net Says Pinpoint Is Central to Marketing Efforts

Pinpoint is scoring big with Company Net, Ltd., a leading business consultancy and Microsoft specialist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. The company offers more than 15 years of experience in business process improvement, and it’s one of a select few partners in Europe that builds solutions on the Dynamics CRM platform and has Gold competencies in CRM and Portals and Collaboration.

“We love Pinpoint, because it’s a great way for us to showcase those two Gold competencies. And it’s a great way to tell our customers and Microsoft partners exactly what we’ve got to offer,” says Sally Atkinson, client relationship manager at Company Net.


Driving Prospects to Pinpoint Through a Variety of Marketing Vehicles

According to Atkinson, Pinpoint represents the heart of the company’s marketing and social marketing strategy. “We are keen to direct prospective new clients toward our Pinpoint profile at all times, so we reference it on our website. We also include the link on our sales material, on brochures, in presentations, and even in our email signatures. Anything we can do to drive prospective clients and partners toward our Pinpoint profile is a really great thing for us.”

Placing such a huge focus on Pinpoint has enabled Company Net to gain tremendous benefits. “I can understand that some people might think that Pinpoint is just another form to fill in or another hoop to jump through,” Atkinson says, “but we’ve seen a great deal of revenue come directly from clients who have found our profile through Pinpoint.”

In fact, since Company Net first posted its Pinpoint profile, the firm has directly traced more than £100,000 of income to its Pinpoint activities.


Pinpoint Directs Major Investment Management Firm to Company Net

Atkinson relates the story of one particular client in London that contacted Company Net through Pinpoint. The client, an investment management firm with about 150 employees, manages £7 billion in hedge funds.

Although London is more than 330 miles from Edinburgh, geographic distance was not an issue for the client. “On Pinpoint, they searched for CRM,” Atkinson says, “and they were specifically looking for someone with a Gold competency.

“Since the client works in systematic investment, they obviously have a large internal IT team already in place. One thing its team didn’t have was the specific skill set to create an CRM solution.

“Although we’ve only just finished the first phase of the implementation, the client has noticed savings of around 10 to 15 percent, even at this early stage.”

For example, the client reports that a great deal of human time has been freed up. Because trades aren’t manually checked any longer, analysts no longer need to do that. That enables the analysts to devote more time to tasks that are productive to the business.


Keeping Pinpoint Updated Counts

“We are constantly working on our Pinpoint profile,” Atkinson says, “and we did a lot of work at the beginning to make sure we had the best profile that we could. As we add different products and services, and as we add more client reviews, our Pinpoint profile really changes organically.

“Every fortnight, I take a look at our Pinpoint rankings and compare them against our competitors—both in terms of specific competencies and also according to certain key words.”

In this way, Atkinson can tweak the Company Net profile so that it consistently maintains a competitive ranking on Pinpoint.

“We love Pinpoint,” Atkinson says. “It’s a fantastic way to showcase our specific skills to potential clients.” 

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Partner Snapshot

Company Net is a Microsoft Gold-certified partner in Edinburgh, Scotland, that specializes in business process improvement and CRM.


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