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Pinpoint Ups Revenue Flow for Kenya’s Computer Revolution Africa

“Pinpoint has added an element of revenue into our pipeline which never existed.” That’s the bottom-line analysis of the Microsoft Pinpoint Marketplace by Shagun Vashisht, Group CEO at Computer Revolution Africa, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya.

Founded in 1995, Computer Revolution Africa has grown to become one of the leading IT business solutions providers in Africa. The company is a Microsoft Gold-certified partner and was recognized as the Microsoft 2011 Country Partner of the Year for Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

According to Vashisht, Volume Licensing constitutes a core competency for Computer Revolution Africa. The company also specializes in infrastructure optimization and business productivity.


Bridging the Continents via Pinpoint

“We’ve seen a lot of traction from customers on the Pinpoint site,” Vashisht says. “We’ve been using Pinpoint quite a bit from the time that it became available. We’ve been posting quite a bit of information around Pinpoint, and our offerings and competencies are listed there.”

Computer Revolution Africa received an inquiry from Infinite Potential, a Canadian organization that was funding the construction of a vocational school in Uganda.

“We were very keen on being part of this,” Vashisht says. “We know there are many children within Uganda who need an education.”


Meeting Its Promise to Serve Society

Corporate social responsibility is a key driver for Computer Revolution Africa. The company honored this pursuit as it formulated its proposal for the school’s licensing options.

“We feel that every member within our team and company must have an element of giving to the society,” Vashisht says. “Therefore, along with our offering, we did make sure that we would not charge an extra sum on the licensing and provide it at a very minimal cost. We want to make sure that the social purpose is met.”

Vashisht says that since Computer Revolution Africa is a Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller, it puts the company in a very strong position to offer a variety of academic platform solutions.

“We have a services model which ensures that Infinite Potential gets maximum value out of the options they choose,” Vashisht says. “That model is able to take the customer smoothly from the purchase of licenses to the deployment of those solutions.”


An “Amazing” Improvement Over Prior Microsoft Partner Tools

“One of the things that we’ve experienced with Pinpoint is the amazing difference that it’s brought from the days of Solution Finder and Partner Finder,” Vashisht says. “In those days, if you searched by country it would just put up every partner in no particular order.

“With Pinpoint, it lists you right on top as a preferred partner, based on the number of your customer references and competencies. It’s a most amazing thing. Prospects don’t even have to do a search. They can automatically pick up on the most popular companies listed.”

Vashisht says his company has paid attention to statistics that show that partners who create and regularly update their Pinpoint profile are 10 times more likely to engage customers than those who don’t.

“Pinpoint is a welcomed addition to our marketing efforts. We value this new pipeline. Tending to it, keeping it up-to-date and relevant to our other marketing efforts, is absolutely key.”

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Gold-certified Computer Revolution Africa is a leading IT business solutions provider based in Nairobi, Kenya.


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