Pinpoint Success Story

Marvelous or Merveilleux? On Pinpoint, Itergy Is Both

In any language, Pinpoint is proving itself a superb marketing resource. And at Itergy, a Microsoft Active Directory and core infrastructure specialist that serves English and French markets, Pinpoint has been especially valuable.

Jill Langford, marketing manager at Itergy in Mississauga, Ontario, says, “A year and a half ago I was fairly new here, and I was looking for marketing tools to help promote the Itergy name and our services.

“I started by looking at Pinpoint from both an English and French standpoint, because we are a bilingual company with offices in Quebec, Ontario, and the United Kingdom. I had to see how I could make our global services work along with our local professional services and multiple languages. It was a bit of a challenge to figure out at first, but it worked really well for us.”


A Global Marketing Tool

Langford said that Pinpoint enabled Itergy to reach out to countries that have both French and English as native languages. As a result, Itergy’s Active Directory managed services could be more easily marketed around the globe.”

According to Langford, Pinpoint provides a really good snapshot of the company right off the top. “Over the last year, Pinpoint has generated quite a few really good, qualified leads,” Langford says. “About 10 percent of our marketing-generated opportunities actually came from Pinpoint. We are constantly evolving with the tool.”

“In Pinpoint, when they find us through either a keyword search or just by putting our company name in, it is really great because they can go to our page right away and see that we are Gold certified in four competencies, Silver certified in five, and we’ve got the Cloud Accelerate logo.”

Langford says that Pinpoint delivers a “great return on investment.”


Merci, Pinpoint

Riyaz Lalani, senior account manager at Itergy, says that Pinpoint merits special thanks for attracting the eye of Metro Supply Chain Management, a logistical company in Mississauga. Lalani says that Metro was growing and expanding its business and its presence.

“One of the challenges Metro had was around collaboration,” Lalani says. “They reached out to Pinpoint to look at partners that could help them. They located three partners very close in proximity to them, and Itergy was selected to meet with them. The short-term licensing revenue that came out of this project was about CA$100,000. And there is also a huge opportunity in terms of placing a Microsoft Enterprise agreement with Metro.”

Lalani reports that Itergy also received another very interesting lead—from another Microsoft partner that needed assistance with its Office 365 deployment. “It was amazing to see that Pinpoint is not only being leveraged for customers but also for partners,” Lalani says.


A Passion for Success

Founded in 2001, Itergy helps companies enjoy greater success and profitability in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, France and Australia.

Itergy’s proprietary Active Directory Managed Service (ADMS) is a unique offering based upon predefined service levels, making it a scalable, predictable solution for the management of Active Directory on a national or global level.

Ralph Loewen, Itergy president, says, “Our customers love the fact that we make Microsoft technology work the way it was intended to.”

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Partner Snapshot

Gold-certified Itergy is a Microsoft Active Directory and core infrastructure specialist with headquarters in Montreal.


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