Pinpoint Success Story

UK’s Perspicuity Optimizes Its Pinpoint Profile and Boosts Profits

Among the thousands of Microsoft partners in the United Kingdom, Perspicuity Ltd. has found a way to stand out—and attract new customers. Rupert Squires, Perspicuity operations director, says, “We’ve differentiated ourselves by adding a lot of value to our Pinpoint profile—adding white papers, case studies and additional information.

“The thing about Pinpoint is that it really [helps partners] demonstrate what they can bring to customers.

“Today, more and more people are using the Internet to find who they want to work with. It’s a place of research. Where will people go to find a Microsoft partner? They’re going to go to Pinpoint."


Pinpoint Reviews Whet the Appetite of a New Customer

Perspicuity is a Gold-certified partner based in London, and the company serves customers throughout the UK. Since 2002, Perspicuity has specialized in delivering enterprise content management and portal solutions on the SharePoint platform.

“We’re finding we can engage with a new type of customer, one who maybe doesn’t have the investment to afford SharePoint on premise. Office 365 really opens up possibilities for us, and we’re seeing massive growth in that area,” says Squires.

“Late last year, a small company called the Food Team found us through Pinpoint. They were looking for a low-cost approach to get their IT up and running. Being a new company, they didn’t want to invest in hardware. They wanted an Office 365 partner, and it came down to a short list of five companies that they thought could help them.”

The Food Team chose Perspicuity based on the strength of its reviews on Pinpoint. Squires says that his Food Team contact told him, “We saw that other people had worked with you. We could relate to what they said, because we were a similar type business. That gave us the confidence to start the dialogue with you.”


Small Deals Can Become a Great Deal

“The great thing for us is that with the Food Team, we’ve now got another customer producing reoccurring revenue. Sometimes we get a small deal, maybe only £500 pounds, but often there’s a SharePoint deal on the back of it, which can be £20,000 or £30,000. So, with just one lead alone, you can really start seeing the benefits of Pinpoint.”

The Perspicuity senior management team reviews Pinpoint statistics every month to ensure that leads are continuing to flow. “In the last month, we saw 600 visits to our profile, which is great. The interesting thing about Pinpoint is that for every person who submits a contact form, 30 more people will go onto our website and learn about us that way.”

Squires says that Microsoft partners should take heart if they don’t see a sufficient number of contact forms submitted from their Pinpoint profiles. “Don’t get misled,” he says. “What you are probably doing is driving more prospects to your website, and you’ll get leads that way.”


Those Who Do the Work Can Benefit Big on Pinpoint 

In just two years, Perspicuity has received more than 66,000 hits on its Pinpoint profile and company website. “That’s a massive number,” Squires says, “and being on Pinpoint really does differentiate those who actually have capability rather than those who can only do fantastic SEO.”

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Partner Snapshot

A Gold-certified partner in London, Perspicuity specializes in SharePoint-based enterprise content management and portal solutions.


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