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Pinpoint Connections Help Sulava Oy Lift Customers to the Cloud

Partners around the world are seeing substantive results through Pinpoint. Just ask Aki Antman, CEO of Sulava Oy in Helsinki, Finland. Antman reports that Pinpoint generates at least a couple hundred thousand dollars of income annually. “We get good revenue from Pinpoint,” he says.

Sulava has utilized Pinpoint in its marketing efforts since the tool was introduced in Finland. The company has grown significatly in the past year, expanding its reach and using Pinpoint as a key tool to reach more customers.

“When customers think about the cloud—the Microsoft cloud—we want them to think of Sulava as well,” Antman says. Sulava is already recognized as a Cloud Accelerate partner and pioneer in Office 365 deployment in Finland.


Government Ministry Finds Sulava via Pinpoint

Antman says that when one of Finland’s largest government ministries wanted to deploy SharePoint Online using Office 365, they turned to Pinpoint. “They found our company on Pinpoint and learned we have been doing exactly these kinds of things.

“They asked, ‘Can you help us?’ They just called me, and we met with them, and we made a study for them. Most likely, they are going to go all the way to the cloud—Office 365.”

Antman feels there may be potential with other ministries. Currently, there are 12 ministries in Finland. The ministries together employ about 5,000 people.


A Model for Success: Consulting Expertise and Pinpoint  

Sulava is wholly owned by its management team and consultants, who are experts in the fields of business management, IT and corporate communications. In addition to its reliance on Pinpoint to broaden its marketing activities, Sulava focuses on a three-pronged approach to take its clients to the cloud, helping them:

  1. Move from old work methods to a new digital work culture based on cloud services and social technologies.
  2. Adopt productive, safe, and easy-to-use platforms for communications and collaboration.
  3. Utilize Microsoft cloud technologies smoothly and securely.

Along with helping customers realize the benefits of the cloud and the value of global connections, communications and collaboration, Sulava is building a strong reputation for helping clients understand how social technologies can become a productive tool for internal communications, customer service, innovation, and other organizational processes. Sulava’s primary technology offerings include Microsoft technologies like Office 365, Azure, SharePoint, Dynamics, Office and Windows Phone.

By maintaining a strategic profile on Pinpoint, Sulava communicates its offerings to customers throughout Finland and can easily expand their reach to millions of potential customers globally.

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