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Phone: +27 (041) 5818324
Fax: +27 (041) 5818325

We provide unique IT business solutions which help you grow by improving business processes, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Offerings include:

- Business Solutions
- Software Development
- Networking & Infrastructure
- Hosting & Connectivity
- Unified Communications
- Hardware & Software

The strength of our team, along with our network of partners and suppliers allows us to provide best of breed software, network, internet and hardware solutions.

emediaIT was formed in 2003 with a single mission of changing the way things are done. This drive to be different has allowed us to experience continued and improved growth year on year and we are now able to provide a variety of products and services to our clients.

Our Vision - To become the world’s leading provider of unique product and service based IT business solutions that facilitate efficiency and growth while giving back to our community, by:

- Continuously innovating, learning and evolving
- Attracting and nurturing the most talented people
- Conducting business in an ethical manner
- Delivering on promises and exceeding expectations
- Creating sustained growth through recurring income
- Taking responsibility for the problems around us

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