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SLPS Software Licensing & Protection Services for ISVs

by InishTech

InishTech offers Azure-based licensing, code protection and monetization services for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who build on the .NET platform which allows them to market their software at a lower cost and with greater flexibility while creating a positive customer experience to help grow revenue and profits.

By decoupling the licensing process from the core product development., customer-facing staff can manage the definition, creation, packaging and configuration of multiple customer offerings while engineering focuses on core product development from a single code base.

- Simultaneously offers demos, trials, time and feature-limited editions for light and full versions of the same application from a single code base.

- Gives ISVs with existing on-premise businesses the ability to simultaneously bring new Azure-based SaaS offerings to the market and handle all licensing requirements.

- Automates the entire customer buying cycle from initial registration (including via web-based self-service), through full licensing activation, management and enforcement process, to subsequent upgrades, while supporting on-going product usage monitoring.

- Integrates with operational back office systems, such as CRM, and is supported by a range of APIs.

- Patented code transformation technology offers the strongest .NET code protection available to protect against piracy and revenue leaking as the protection extends to the licensing files which ensures only those who pay for the application can use it in accordance with the license terms.

- Offers a range of pay-as-you-use models so that the service can be used by ISVs of any size, addressing any market.

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