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SLPS Software Licensing & Protection Services for ISVs

by InishTech


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Phone: +353-1- 6432850
Fax: +353-1- 6432854

InishTech, which is parly owned by Microsoft, is a cloud technology company that provides Software Potential, a Flexible License Management, SKU Agility, Code Protection and Application Usage Analytics service to help Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) generate more revenue from their software.

Collectively, these features give the ISV total control over the monetization of their products by:

- Enabling them to transition their applications to exploit new business models like SaaS and the cloud.
- Ensuring they get paid for every instance of use of their software in the marketplace.
- Reducing the time and investment required to bring new products to market.
- Bringing them closer to their customers with real-time usage feedback, easy compliance management and the flexibility to adapt their offerings to the customer’s ever changing needs.

Spun out of Microsoft in 2009, and now privately held with its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, InishTech has mature, stable technology and service with over 120 customers who depend on our flagship software monetization service, Software Licensing and Protection (SLP) services.