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Strategic Customer Relationship Management

by Karabina

CRM Applications Sales Performance Sales PERFORMANCE gives sales managers visibility into the data required to manage sales people & their processes Financial Service Industry
Performance for FSI solves the needs of client facing portfolio managers, financial advisors & relationship managers for medium & enterprise businesses in the Financial Services industry. It ensures centralised customer information & client interactions, in
order to improved productivity, increased sales & stronger retention.

Investor Relations Microsoft Dynamics CRM forms the basis of IS Partners’ PERFORMANCE
 solution set for Investor Relations. The solution addresses key professional requirements for contact management, event management & effective stakeholder communications - Master Data Management Customer Data Integration (CDI) CDI enables the
matching & de-duping of customer-based information across multiple systems & the ability to cross-reference data with originating systems in environments with multiple information sources - Dimension Manager IS Partners’ Dimension Manager addresses the requirements
of product, marketing & financial managers for fast access to information structured according to their needs & business processes. Developed in-house, the tool gives executives in companies with diverse operations & various business holdings the ability to
manage their data to optimise sales & marketing & core financial functions - Microsoft MDM ‘Bulldog’ ‘Bulldog’ is still in development, therefore IS Partners developed Dimension Manager in order to complete its business intelligence solution stack.

CRM Solutions Custom Development IS Partners has the ability to design, develop & deliver traditional data warehouse solutions such as extract, transform & load procedures,
data warehouse development, online analytical processing cube development & reporting.

CRM Marketing Automation - Provide marketing professionals with robust data cleansing & segmentation tools, leading campaign management features, & insightful marketing analytics
to increase the effectiveness of marketing programs, improve efficiencies, & better track key metrics.


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