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Karabina Business Technology Solutions is an iSPartners Company. Our company has proven itself over the last decade as a Microsoft Gold Certified partner of choice. We have an enviable track record of consistent growth underpinned with over 42 local and international awards in recognition for excellence and Partner of the Year in various categories. We firmly believe that we exist to enable people in business to succeed with relevant, innovative solutions.

In today’s complex business world… there are more questions than answers. We help business to frame the questions and provide the answers. Data within the right context, in the right hands provides intelligence… Combined with experience – this knowledge can be acted upon.

We are a business technology company.

The answer may be technology. But the question is always about business.

We help our clients with the business questions as well as the most relevant technology answers.

Our focus on becoming a Number 1 player in all our business disciplines ensures that we retain our Microsoft Gold Partnership status within the Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management, Data Platform as well as Portals and Collaboration competencies. Our qualified staff are recognised experts in their fields. Our diverse experience adds to the vast expanse of knowledge that we have to draw on to create optimal business solutions.