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MultiSystems, Inc.

WDCS - Warehouse Data Collection System

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  • Tipo de servicio:

    Ventas y servicio de licencias
  • Necesidad de negocio:

    Instalación y administración de servidores, Instalación y supervisión de redes, Redes inalámbricas
  • Trabaja con:

    Soluciones de JD Edwards basadas en tecnologías de Microsoft, Soluciones de SAP basadas en tecnologías de Microsoft, Soluciones Oracle E-Business Suite... (más)
  • Enfoque en el sector:

    Ciencias biológicas, Fabricación

WDCS Warehouse Management from MultiSystems provides you with productivity and flexibility within your operations.  Complete fulfillment of your orders with advanced Enterprise Mobility for real-time data and transactions.

Receiving: On-dock receiving through mobile computers tracks and control what and when your goods are being received.  WDCS allows you to receive from external resources or receiving from production. Finished goods are identified through pallet, kit or serial number or even a combination of these. The receiving can be direct to location or staged through a reception area.

Putaway: Once received, your products and goods can be allocated in multiple units of measure, including weight and serial numbers, based on user-defined controls. These controls allow you to maximize space cubing and internal movement of products.

Inventory: WDCS features a fully automated Inventory module for improved accuracy allowing multiple units of measure and complete visibility of your stock quantities and availability. Track your Inventory through all your warehouse facilities. WDCS support allocations on single unit and multiple-building warehouses. WDCS Manager enables you to review your inventory locations and monitor your products’ shelves-life. All inventory movement transactions are historically logged into the system.

Pick and Pack Module: Efficiently and Paperless. Pick and pack your products by selecting wave orders or batch picking options.  After picking your orders, products can be assembled in pallets for final shipping preparations in a staging area.

Shipping: WDCS helps you to streamline your complete shipping process faster and continuously. Ensure quality by acquiring accurate shipping data and setting pre-approved definitions, while monitoring the compete process. Shipments verification are made by individual or consolidated ticket orders. You will always know exactly what you are shipping, nothing more, and nothing less.

Label Printing: Through the mobile computers and the wireless infrastructure, operators are able to print shipping labels at different point of activities throughout the warehouse. Once you combine tabletop or mobile printers with the correct label and ribbon selection, you will have the most complete, reliable label printing solution.

System Management: WDCS Manager is a strong, centralized web-based application for system configuration of warehouse environment  and monitoring.  WDCS M

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