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MultiSystems, Inc.

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MultiSystems, Inc.

MultiRoute Sales Force Automation

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MultiRoute™ features three modules: 

MultiRoute Manager - Works as the connection between your enterprise application and the pocket devices in the field. In addition, it enhances the host application by providing additional functionality, such as: route definition, route scheduling, customer contracts, quota management and sales reporting.

The MultiRoute Manager is a web-based application that uses  Microsoft® SQL Server 2003, 2005 or 2008 Editions as database engine. The system can work via imports and exports to the customer host or virtually real time through queries, which are executed in line with the host.

The MultiRoute Manager module allows for:

• Route Definition and Management

• Quota Assignment and Management

• Customer and Product Management

• Promotions and Advanced Pricing Definition

• Reporting and Data Management

• Survey Definition Management

• Import/Export Functions  

MultiRoute CE - This is the component installed on the mobile computer. It allows the Mobile Sales person to perform the following transactions.

• Perform merchandising operations

• Order Entry (Pre-Sales Mode)

• Invoicing (Route Mode)

• Work with Promotions

• Manage approved products by customer

• View account receivable information

• Perform collections

• Manage multiple Price Lists

• Review Quotas

• Record of deposits

• Perform daily settlement (end-of-day operation)

• Transmit all performed transactions to the general office for immediate processing and/or analyzing by administrative personnel.

• Promotional Items, POS and Display Tracking

• Conduct on-site surveys  

CommTroller - Is a general purpose communication program for the mobile computers. This utility integrates data collection devices in the enterprise communication network. It also monitors the connections, provides secure data uploads and keeps log of the communication events. The system supports multiple communications profiles.

Some of CommTroller features are:

• Support for Wireless cellular and 802.11 a/b/g WI-FI  communications.

• Support for multiple concurrent connections (hardware dependent).

• Monitors the route connections and keeps a log of the communications events.

• Automatically send software updates to mobile computers.

• Compress files to lower your phone bill.

• Encryption capability.

• Manage Ethernet and RS232 Serial connection.

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