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MEDVANTIX_the medicare advantage information system

por Rock Solid Technologies, Inc.

Medicare insurance companies need to implement business strategies that allow them to  become a more customer-centric organizations. This industry is quickly becoming a more complex and competitive business. For this matters, Rock Solid Technologies, Inc. developed Medvantix®.  Is a business solution specifically developed for Medicare Advantage organizations in Puerto Rico and U.S.A, one of the leading health plan options approved by Medicare but run by private insurance companies. This solution provides the tools and capabilities needed to efficiently manage the relationship with prospects, beneficiaries, network providers and customers throughout the entire sales and renewal process.  It maintains a centralized repository of contacts and providers, allowing your company to have a complete vision and history of activities related to them. Also, enables your organization to better manage and analyze marketing activities, monitor sales processes and provide a better service to maintain customer loyalty.

This solution was built to comply and support CMS requirements. Developed using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, Medvantix® is a flexible and easily adaptable solution that can be designed for the way your organization and processes work. It easily integrates with other applications currently used in your company to extend its functionality while protecting your original investment.

Medvantix® is the solution your company needs to face the industry challenges, continuous growth, and building long-term relationships with customers.


·         Improves information sharing across departments in your organization

·         Reduces departmental barriers to promote collaboration and coordination of business processes

·         Improves staff productivity

·         Lowers labor costs

·         Grows existing customer database

·         Improves customer acquisitions

·         Accelerates sales productivity and membership processes

·         Improves marketing effectiveness

·         Analyzes target market needs to identify trends, problems and opportunities

·         Provides personalized service

·         Builds long term relationships


·         Centralized database – maintains updated information of leads, prospects, beneficiaries and providers.

·         Call registry – maintains a registry of inbound and outbound calls for various departments and a history of its results.

·         Contacts qualification – validates the eligibility of contacts and converts them into prospects.

·         Sales Presentations – Allows the coordination and assignment of sales presentations according to region or company processes. Maintains history of presentations for each contact and their outcome.

·         Memberships – automates the membership process and monitors their status.

·         Tasks and Activities – allows the creation and assignment of tasks to users. A history of all tasks and activities created for each contact is maintained.

·         Campaigns – Creates plans and monitors all marketing campaigns and events. It measures the effectiveness of all marketing initiatives.

·         Questionnaires – maintains and allows analysis of questionnaires results for each contact.

·         Centralized Documents – Keeps a centralized repository of standard organizational documents and scripts, available to users according to their departments or roles.

·         Security –Allows the assignment of security roles to users and departments.

·         Reports - Enables management to generate automatic reports that measures the organization and employees performance.

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